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AutoOn Mini
Product name AutoOn Mini
Model no. TMSM200-100
Product classification Motion sensor module
Download Product specification 제품규격서  /  manual 사용설명서
Major characteristics Single light, ceiling attachment(load 100W)
Sensing range: 5m vertical, 2m horizontal
Size: 110 x 53 x 25 ㎣
Motion sensor: TMS200
Power: single-phase110~250VAC 50~60Hz
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Major characteristics

  • Indoor use / compatible with various types of lights
  • Hardly affected by external environmental factors, such as temperature/humidity/dust/light (accurate sensing, application in various locations and areas)
  • Ability to sense all moving objects: optimized for underground parking lots
  • Penetration: penetrates non-metal partition (glass, screen, plywood) to sense motion on the opposite site, optimized for toilets


  • Automatic light control system: toilet/hallway/stairs/entrance/underground parking lot/hall
  • Security warning light, invader sensing audio
  • Automatic door / escalator control
  • Automatic cooling/heating control system

Product List

  • AutoOn


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