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Living Room Light, 600*600
Product name Living Room Light, 600*600
Model no. 600*600 LED Sensor Light
Product classification AutoOn LED Sensor Light
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Major characteristics Built-in RF sensor
Power Consumption [W] : 60W
Luminous Efficiency : 96.3lm/W
Color Temperature [K] : -20oC ~ 50oC
Product Life Span [hr] : Over 50,000 hours
Dimension [mm] : 600*600
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Features of Product

Function Living Room Light Common Fluorescent Lamp
Motion Sensing Function - Provided with built-in motion sensor
- Auto OFF with no motion. (When the Power Saving Mode is selected.)
Dimming function Dimming function embedded None
Power consumption Power consumption by half of common fluorescent lamp. -
Power saving effect Maximum 70% saving compared to common fluorescent lamp. None
Life span 50000 hour 8000 hour
Electric charge Half of common fluorescent lamp -
Remote control function Embedded None

Remote Control Function

Item function Remark
Dimming Mode Light ON
Light OFF
Fade in/Out function available
Configured with total 10-step illumination. Controlled by Remote Controller
Sensing Mode Light ON
Light OFF
Fade in/Out function available
Brightness ON with Dimming Mode Setting Controlled by Remote Controller
ON & OFF with sensor Fade in/Out function available
Motion sensing time control function - OFF when no motion is detected with preset time of total 6 steps (30 sec., 1 min., 2 min., 5 min. 10 min., 20 min., 30 min.) Time selection available for user by setting the step up with Remote Controller.

● Changeable per requirement.

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