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Living Room Light, 300*1200
Product name Living Room Light, 300*1200
Model no. 300*1200 LED Sensor Light
Product classification AutoOn LED Sensor Light
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Major characteristics Built-in RF sensor
Power Consumption [W] : 45W
Luminous Efficiency : 98lm/W
Color Temperature [K] : -20oC ~ 50oC
Product Life Span [hr] : Over 50,000 hours
Dimension [mm] : 300*1200
Product Inquiry

Effect Anticipated with LED Sensor Light for Office

Comparison Prior & After Installation

2-32W Fluorescent Lamps
Simple ON & OFF with Switch
LED Sensor Light 45W
Dimming control with motion detecting sensor
● Electric charge excessive
- Light ON all at once during overtime work
- Forced lighting even in unnecessary areas with no works
● Excessive maintenance cost : Frequent lamp replacement required.
● Issue on Environment : Waste fluorescent lamp treatment required.
● Substantial saving of electric energy
● Maintenance cost reduced.
● Environment friendly product
● No mercury & heavy metal generated.
● Local focused lighting with motion detection
● No additional wiring required.
● ON & OFF with sensor
● Dimming operation and step-by-step scenario lighting applicable.

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