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Product name CleanBar
Model no. AVC 1000
Product classification Portable washing machine
Download manual 사용설명서
Major characteristics Sterilization: colon bacillus 99.9%, staphylococcus 99.9% (three min.)
Ozone generation: less than 0.04ppm
Weight: 480g
Size: 315 x 91 x 54.5 ㎣
Product Inquiry
CleanBar is a portable washing machine that removes minute dust, residual agricultural pesticides and bacteria on surface of fruits, vegetables, tableware, cookers, and baby products by producing ozone and ultrasonic wave at the same time. It effectively cleans off contaminants in curved or hard-to-reach parts in fruits and vegetables than when rinsing off with just water, thereby keeps food safe and fresh.

Major characteristics

  • It removes minute residues(residual agricultural pesticides, other organic matters, etc.) with ultrasonic cleaning.
  • It kills bacteria via ozone.
  • It can be used outdoors with built-in charger battery.
  • There is no risk of electrocution becausethere is no need for external power socket.
  • Battery can be used longer because there is no standby power.
  • It can be operated easily with just one button.


  • Vegetables and fruits cleaning
  • Sterilization of kitchenware
  • Sterilization of towels and dishcloth
  • Cleansing and sterilization of baby products

Product List

  • CleanBar


  • Clean-Q