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INTELTORCH (Multi-function Flash Light)
Product name INTELTORCH (Multi-function Flash Light)
Model no. INTELTORCH (Multi-function Fla
Product classification INTELTORCH
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Major characteristics
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∘ Auxiliary device for mission in nighttime
∘ Nighttime Lighting, Nighttime Lighting Communication, Intrusion detection and warning function
∘ Nighttime signal transmission & rescue requesting infrared ray radiation function
∘ Waterproof, Short & long distance lighting


∘Lighting distance enhanced by 5 times
∘Volume reduced by ¼,½ of battery cost
∘3 colors for communication signal
∘Infrared ray rescue signal
∘Enemy Intrusion Detecting Function
∘Long operation time over 16 hours

Differentiation with Conventional Products

Technologies applied : Selective lighting technology + Sensor technology
Application by military forces : Lighting provision for nighttime mission + Radiation of nighttime rescue request signal, Intrusion prevention

Effect Anticipated

Defense and combat capabilities improved with nighttime Intrusion detecting sensor & IR light source.
Safeguard friendly forces with nighttime rescue reques signal

Patent and Certification Status : Flash Light Operating Device and Method 10-2015-0079042(2015.6.4.)

Specification Comparison Table

Item Proposed Flash Light
1. Lighting Distance About 50m
2. Type of Lighting Long & short distance lighting applicable.
3. communication signal 3 Colors (Red, Green, Yellow)
4. Weight 265g
5. Dimension 181.5* 52*23mm
6. Intrusion Detecting Function PIR Sensor
7. Communication Distance 70m
8. Rescue Signal IR signal radiation
9. Operation Time Over 16 hours
10. Power Consumption 0.3W
11. Brightness Cree XP-G 3V 350mA 130lm
12. Battery 2ea AA batteries
13. Waterproofing 13m

Product List

  • INTELTORCH (Multi-function Flash Light)

    INTELTORCH (Multi-function Flash Light)

  • Parking Light System

    Parking Light System