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Parking Light System
Product name Parking Light System
Model no. Parking Light System
Product classification
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Major characteristics
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The Parking Light using ultrasonic sensor is configured with the Ultrasonic Sensor Based Parking Indication Lamp and Parking Lot Indication (Character “P”) Lamp.

The Parking Lot Management System using ultrasonic sensor indicates the spaces occupied by parked cars with red lamps and the empty spaces with green lamps.

The Parking Lot Indication (Character “P”) Lamp is turned ON with red lamp when all four parking spaces installed with ultrasonic sensor modules are occupied, turning the green lamp ON when more than one space out of 4 spaces are empty.

Product List

  • INTELTORCH (Multi-function Flash Light)

    INTELTORCH (Multi-function Flash Light)

  • Parking Light System

    Parking Light System