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LED sensor light

LED  sensor light

Major characteristics

  • LED light with microwave motion sensor is automatically turned on when an object enters the sensing area, and off without motion.
  • Unlike infrared sensor, microwave motion sensor serves reliable detection regardless of environmental effects like temperature, humidity, dust, light, etc. different from infra red one.


  • Entrance in building lobby and home
  • Stairways, building emergency ones
  • Garage, underground parking lot
  • Hallway, underground storage
  • Bathroom, toilet

Product list

  • Living Room Light, 600*600

    Living Room Light, 600*600

  • Living Room Light, 300*1200

    Living Room Light, 300*1200

  • AutoOn LED-10(A)

    AutoOn LED-10(A)

  • AutoOn LED-10(B)

    AutoOn LED-10(B)

  • AutoOn LED-10(C)

    AutoOn LED-10(C)

  • AutoOn ED-10(D)

    AutoOn ED-10(D)